1. Solitary Man

2. Things That Can Not Be Found

3. Simple Man

4. Down In A Hole

5. One

6. Hungerstrike

Band:             Song:

Day Be Mine        Recognize
                   Don't Stop
                   Things That Can Not Be Found
AC/DC              Walk All Over You
Johnny Cash        Solitary Man
Billy Idol         Sweet Sixteen
Everlast           Put Your Lights On
Staind             Outside
Alice in Chains    Down In A Hole
U2                 One
Monster Magnet     Blow Them Off
Big & Rich         Wild West Show
Skunk Anansie      Weak
Seal               Crazy
Who                Behind Blue Eyes
Madonna            I Deserve It
Nancy Sinatra      These Boots Are Made For Walking
Lynyrd Skynyrd     Simple Man
ZZ-Top             La Grange
Bob Seger          Turn The Page
Temple Of The Dog  Hungerstrike